Thermal Imaging Camera Dubai
Thermal Imaging Camera Dubai AbU Dhbai

Thermal Cameras for Fever Detection DUBAI ABU DHABI

Thermal Cameras or Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera detects elevated body temperatures that may be an indication of a fever, a prominent symptom of the Coronavirus. Thermal cameras & solutions functions as an adjunctive diagnostic tool helping to detect people with a potential fever and may contain or limit the spread of the Coronavirus through identification of infected individuals showing fever symptoms. Thermal cameras function as a vital tool in the detection of elevated body temperatures and fevers. Thermal cameras are installed at entrances of offices, high crowd areas, hospital entrances, people flow entrances, mall entrances, residential entrances to efficiently detect fever using thermal cameras in high-risk groups such as shoppers, health care providers, travelers, students, miners, factory and office workers.

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Fever Detection Camera

Why fever detection is important?

In the times of increase in highly contagious infections including Coronavirus or Covid-19, ebola, SARS or swine flu the consequences of a pandemic are socially, economically and personally drastic. It remains critical to identify & isolate risk persons in large groups of people quickly and efficiently in the interest of public health & safety in order to limit the transmission of contagious infections.

Mass Fever Scanning, helps to stop the Coronavirus or COVID-19 – eg schools, airport, metro station, ports, hospitals, universities , workplaces

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thermal imaging and fever detection camera dubai abu dhabi
Thermal Imaging Camera Dubai