Thermal Covid-19 Fever Screening solution UAE SAUDI ARABIA

Over the period, different companies had developed different tools that may be used for fever screening. However, some of them still fail to provide appropriate fever screening today we are seeing several videos of different products. They may all have the same functionality, but the accuracy of each device will differentiate them from one another.


Our Hand Held answer for Temperature Screening Camera can examine people within a 1.5m – 2m distance from the camera and can look over to 60 individuals for every moment.

The Temperature Screening Thermographic Camera bolster temperature-special case sound cautions.

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Accuracy is within 0.5 degrees to fulfill starter temperature screening necessities.

Infrared Thermal Cameras For Temperature Detection


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We have 3 Different Types of Infrared Temperature Detection Devices Available. We can recommend the best option based on your Unique Requirements i.e. Area monitored, Distance Requirement, Screening Accuracy

Many Deployments in UAE. Hotels, Hospitals, Office Buildings

Infrared Thermal Camera:

thermal camera for Fever Detection Solution UAE

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